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Individual & Family Health Plans:
Short Term Medical 
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Short Term Medical Plans - Sudden illness or accidents can create unexpectedly large medical bills so it is best never to go without coverage. These plans are traditional health plans with low premiums but DO NOT COVER PRE-EXISTING CONDITIONS and are perfect for anytime you need health insurance for a limited period of time only. (Policies typically available for a maximum of 6 month periods. Often may be rewritten for up to an additional 6 months). 

These plans may be a good fit when:
- Between jobs
- COBRA not available or too expensive but expecting employment and benefits
- Applied but waiting approval for a permanent policy and currently not covered
- Temporary or seasonal worker
- A recent graduate - employment on the horizon

Student Health Care Plans - Students who don't have health insurance through a parent's health insurance policy, or who have limited coverage due to network service areas, may buy a student health insurance plan.

Student plans are sold by an insurer that has contracted with a college to offer coverage to its students. In general, these plans have more limited benefits and more exclusions than traditional health insurance plans. For example, most student plans have limited catastrophic coverage of $50,000 per accident or illness.

Many policies also will exclude routine examinations and injuries sustained while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.




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